About Joshua Pendleton





DSC00211Hello! My name is Joshua Pendleton, and I’m an artist. I was born and grew up in Orange County, California since 1995. I am a son of a multi-ethnical Christian couple, and oldest of three brothers and a sister. When I was a boy, I discovered my gift of drawing, painting, and model-making when I was five years old, visiting my Grandma’s house and watching children’s television programs. I grew up a very challenging life, which I was guided by enduring with changes and placing my faith in God.

I am currently studying at Orange Coast College, with a major in Fine Arts. I enjoy the school because of the good people and the campus’s educational support. The campus clubs I joined is the OCC Christian Students and the Guardian Scholars. I joined these clubs for support in spiritual guidance and setting goals.

To me, art is my passion. I enjoy practical drawing, painting, and model-making, and digital media. It brings out the impressive creativity within me. My life interests range between these various categories: dinosaurs, women, romances, fantasy, science-fiction, popular-culture, films , superheroes, comics, books, landscapes, nature, animals, creatures, mythology, history, surfing, car races, cartoons, slapstick comedies, voice impersonations, parodies, music, diorama models, Native Americans, Asian cultures, families, and the Bible.

Inspiring artists I look up to as my role models are: James Gurney, Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Knight, Peter Spier, Frank Cho, Doug Chiang, and Brain Froud. Actually, I look up to many people in different fields for inspiration. I appreciate and love their style and the projects they have done.

What are my  career choices? To be a filmmaker, concept artist, and freelance illustrator. I also dream of helping people, especially autistic children, who believe they have no-or-less opportunities to pursue their dreams.

Projects I have conceived in mind: a prehistoric mythological fantasy; a Christian superhero science-fiction saga; a comic series of redneck squirrels; a retelling of Noah’s Ark; parodies of the cinema’s famous films; a crime drama about spies and bounty hunters; a paleontological/psychological mutation thriller; a Japanese samurai fantasy epic; some Native American romances; and some based-on-true-story films on people (i.e.: Steve Irwin) and events (i.e.: the Trail of Tears).

Hope you see what I can do! Thank you.


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